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Keynote: “Component-Based and Model-Driven Engineering: The possible synergies of the approaches in meeting new challenges” by Prof. Ivica Crnkovic

Model-driven Engineering (MDE) and component-based software engineering have many similarities but also their own specific. The goals are similar - by raising the abstraction level of software system development, the goal is increase the development efficiency, effectiveness, and quality. Reusability plays an important role in both approaches. Components (mostly assumed as software components) are the fundamental parts in both MDE and CBSE approaches. In many CBSE approaches the emphasis is on component models, and system modeling using component models. Yet there are some clear differences - while the ultimate result of MDE is generated executable code from models (using modeling languages), CBSE aims at reusability in general, and in particular reusability of the executable code. What are the common characteristics then? Which achievements from one approach can be utilised in the other approach? Is it possible to combine the results for each approach? In the modern era of ambiguous computing new challenges are imposed on software system development - dynamic architecture, heterogeneous platforms, energy and other resources constraints, real-time issues, etc.. How these challenges are reflected in CBSE and how they can be used in MDE? In this presentation we will address these questions and identify some possible directions in further research in CBSE & MDE.

Ivica Crnkovic is a professor of industrial software engineering at Mälardalen University where he is the scientific leader of the industrial software engineering research. His research interests include component-based software engineering, software architecture, software configuration management, software development environments and tools, as well as software engineering in general. Professor Crnkovic is the author of more than 150 refereed articles and papers on software engineering topics and a co-author and co-editor of two books: "Building reliable component-based Systems" and "Implementing and integrating Product Data Management and Software Configuration Management". He has co-organized several conferences and workshops and related to software engineering (such as CBSE symposium, ESEC/FSE conference, Euromicro SEAA conference), and participated in Program Committees of software configuration management symposia and workshops. His teaching activities cover several courses in the area of Software Engineering undergraduate and graduate courses. From 1985 to 1998, Ivica Crnkovic worked at ABB, Sweden, where he was responsible for software development environments and tools. He was a project leader and manager of a group developing software configuration management systems and other software development environment tools and methods for distributed development and maintenance of real-time systems. From 1980 to 1984, he worked for the Koncar company in Zagreb, Croatia. Professor Crnkovic received an M.Sc. in electrical engineering in 1979, an M.Sc. in theoretical physics in 1984, and a Ph.D. in computer science in 1991, all from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. More information is available on

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