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Architectural Allocation Alternatives and Associated Concerns in Cyber-Physical Systems: A Case Study
Jakob Axelsson
A Preliminary Study on Architecting Cyber-Physical Systems
Ivano Malavolta, Henry Muccini, and Mohammad Sharaf
Improving Bandwidth Efficiency with Self-Adaptation for Data Marshalling on the Example of a Self-Driving Miniature Car
Federico Giaimo, Hugo Andrade, Christian Berger, and Ivica Crnkovic

Short papers

An initial performance review of software components for a heterogeneous computing platform
Ivan Švogor
Towards Intelligent Ensembles
Tomas Bures, Filip Krijt, Frantisek Plasil, Petr Hnetynka, and Zbynek Jiracek
Security and Trust in Data Sharing Smart Cyber-Physical Systems
Ondrej Stumpf, Tomas Bures, and Vladimir Matena
Software architecture for next generation hyperparallel cyber-physical hardware platforms: challenges and opportunities
Moris Behnam, Federico Ciccozzi, Mikael Sjödin, and Fredrik Bruhn

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