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Contact us at:
    Mälardalens Högskola, MRTC/IDt     Tel:  +46 21-10 14 52
    PO Box 883                                 Fax: +46 21-10 31 10
    SE-721 23  Västerås, Sweden
General contact requests should be directed to CAL's co-ordinator: Visiting address: Vargens Vret, St:a Ursulas Väg 2A, 2nd floor (see also below)

How to find us:

The Department of Computer Engineering is 2 minutes walk from the main campus in Västerås. It is 4 minutes walk from downtown Västerås and 11 minutes walk from the train station (busses are leaving frequently between station and university).

Department of Computer Enfineering
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Busses and trains between Västerås and Eskilstuna are leaving frequently (the university provides a free bus service connecting Västerås and Eskilstuna campus).

The train from/to Stockholm, Sundbyberg, Kungsängen, Bålsta, Enköping leaves every hour and takes one hour from Stockholm. For a time table from your location, see SJ.

See map A or map B (close to Norra Ringvägen and Svartån) or map C or map D.

For more information about Västerås se official information in English or Swedish.

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