10th EUROMICRO Workshop on Real Time Systems
June 17-19th, 1998
Berlin, Germany

Dear Colleagues,

For the first time, a work in progress (WIP) session will be held at the EUROMICRO workshop on real-time systems to reflect the rapidly evolving research in real-time. Dedicated to the presentation and discussion of novel and on-going research, it facilitates the advance of new ideas by exposure to the research community and stimulating feedback. EUROMICRO documents its committment to this new dynamic forum by placing it as main session into the workshop and its own reviewing procedures and schedule.

I am pleased to announce that a total of 17 papers has been submitted for the WIP session from 13 countries on 3 continents. My gratitude goes to the contributors of the papers and the persons that helped me with reviewing and the not easy task of selection.

It is my hope that this WIP session will be fruitful and stimulating for both authors and audience and will start a new successfull ``tradition'' within the EUROMICRO workshop on real-time system.

Gerhard Fohler

WIP Chair
June 1998.