Achievements of EURECA Scholars

Project Introduction

The EURECA project, funded by the European commission, aims to establish a Eurasian academic mobility Network, for achieving excellence in research and education in a global context, by identifying key themes for cooperation, leveraging on the complementary competencies and providing synergies essential for the progress and mutual benefit of the targeted Asian countries as well as the European Union. The consortium comprises of 16 prominent educational institutions ( 9 from Europe and 7 from Asia) and is coordinated by Mälardalen University, Sweden.

With a funding of of nearly 5 million Euros, EURECA project will facilitate more than 300 students/researchers/faculty from Asia/EU to conduct a part of their study at one of the partner institutions. The exchange of personnel, knowledge and competences in multiple study domains of science and technology by our consortium is expected to have a positive and long ranging impact on the socio-economic development of Asia in a sustainable manner. On the other hand, EU will gain knowledge about the socio-technological setup prevailing at the developing Asian countries and will be able to engage in long-standing business relations with the Asian economies.

The students who participate in this program are expected to be the future champions of industrial development and research excellence in the global context. The consortium partners have special competencies/ requirements in the study areas such as Software Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Business studies and Management Sciences, and will pay special attention to the mobility needs in these identified thematic fields. Themes such as Sustainable development, Urban and Regional Planning, Architecture, and Disaster Management will also be given due importance.

Our primary goal is to find top talents from Asia and help them to achieve highest level of excellence in research and education. Additionally, we aim to provide the necessary impetus to the educational systems prevailing at various Asian partner institutions to comprehend and adapt the European educational models and values to the extent feasible.

Latest News

  • 2010-Oct 20 & 21: ROM mission meeting at Västerås Click here for logistics information

  • 2010-01-11:  Request for further selections under EURECA project has not been approved

  • Dec 10: Consortium meeting at Västerås
    Click here for Logistics Info

  • Nov 06: The EURECA mobility program is open for new applications (please note the short deadline 2009-11-16). The final selection within this call, however, is conditional on the approval by the funding agency. Applicants can log in via the application system

  • May 21: The provisional list for EURECA mobility for 2009-2010 has been finalised. Applicants can check the status of their application by logging to our application system

  • The selection process delayed due to relocation of students from earth-quake-hit L'Aquila.

  • The application deadline has passed. No further application updates are possible. Only completed applications will be processed. The selection results are expected earliest mid April.

  • Deadline extension for the online application!
    New deadline: march 20, 2009, 24.00 CET.

  • March 11-18 : New application window for mobilty in both directions
    Register & apply here

  • Mar 5-6: Consortium meeting at Västerås

  • Jan 5: Selection list for Limerick & Paderborn published

  • Dec 6: First selection list announced

  • Nov 30: Publication of selection list postponed due to unanticipated delays...

  • Nov10: Consortium meeting in Västerås

  • Oct 28: EU finally agrees European mobility to Asia..
    Please watch this site for a new call for applications

  • Application Deadline extended to Oct 22..

  • Apply/register during Sept 25- Oct 8! The online registration is now ready (thanks to Damir & Adnan)

  • Sept 29 &30: Conference at Brussels of all selected partnerships- A partnership can send 4 representatives

  • Aug 29: Project meeting at Västerås.

  • Aug 18 : The funding agency has informed to freeze activities related to mobility of EU citizens. Specific grant agreements will not contain such mobilities.

  • Aug 7: Indian meeting was held at IIITM-Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram. For details see iiiitm-wiki page