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Rates and Duration

The EUROWEB Scholarship covers:

  1. Travel and visa costs including one round trip flight ticket between home and host University. The costs, however, may not exceed a pre-defined maximum amount (see below), based on the travel distance between the two places (measurable with for ex. ).
  2. A monthly subsistence allowance.
  3. Full insurance coverage - health, travel, accident.
  4. Tuition fees up to 3000 EURO per 10 months, paid to the host institution. (For mobility with duration less than 10 months, tuition fee waiver policy will be applied)

The minimum and maximum number of months covered by the scholarship, and the rates for monthly subsistence allowances are listed below. Note that the mobility period may vary between different target groups.

Eligible travel costs based on the distance beween home and host University:

Distance (KM) Maximum amount (EUR)
0-500 € 250
500-1000 € 500
1000-1500 € 750
1500-2000 € 1000

Monthly scholarship rates:

Mobility type Scholarship per month (EUR)
Undergraduate € 1000
Master € 1000
PhD student € 1500
Post-Doc € 1800
Staff € 2500

Possible duration per Target Group (in months):

Target Group Undergraduates Masters PhD Postdoc Staff
TG1 - WB nationals 10 10 or 20 18-34 10 3
TG1 - EU nationals 4-10 4-10 6 6 3
TG2 - WB nationals N.A. 18-22 N.A. N.A. N.A.
TG3 - WB nationals 30 22 N.A. N.A. N.A.

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