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If you are not nominated

Due to the high number of applications for Erasmus Mundus Scholarships the EUOROWEB Consortium Board will have to apply selection mechanisms and most likely have to reject a large number of very good applications. The EUROWEB selection process is complicated and takes place as follows.

  1. For those applicants whose home institution belongs to the partnership (target group 1), the home institution checks that the candidate is indeed registered or affiliated to the home institution. The home institutions also rank their students according to the pre-defined criteria based on 1) academic relevance/eligibility; 2) academic quality/grades; 3) relevant language proficiency; 4) matching to appropriate research groups and/or already established or intention to establish contacts (when applicable).

  2. The host institution assesses their applications according to 1) academic relevance/eligibility 2) matching to appropriate research groups and/or already established or intention to establish contacts (when applicable).

  3. Based on these assessments in combination with the number of scholarships available for each institution and mobility group, the EUROWEB Consortium Board decides which candidates shall be nominated.

  4. The host institution's local rules are applied for admission and exam procedures.

Reserve admission to the EUROWEB scholarship programme

During the selection the Consortium Board also decides that all eligible applicants will stay on a list as reserves and whenever a nominated scholarship holder drops out, a reserve nomination will take place and admission will be checked again according to point 1 - 4 above. This process takes place continuously, and reserves may be admitted before the deadline of mobility start which is 1 Oct 2012 and in due time for VISA procedures (if applicable). This means that you can still be subject for nomination.

The right to appeal

The European Commission has decided that all applicants will have the right to appeal. In order to do so you must provide a specific reason why you believe the EUROWEB Consortium Board's decision to decline your application is inaccurate. You have 21 days from the date you receive the e-mail regarding the rejection of your application to submit an appeal. You need to send one scanned copy of the original to and the original shall be sent by ordinary mail and it must be sent by the deadline, as per postmark to;

Mälardalen University/ IDT
Att: Susanne Fronnå
P.O.Box 883,
721 23 Västerås, Sweden

Only decision concerning scholarship may be appealed, not admissions to institutions. Appeals received within the deadline will be considered by the EUROWEB Consortium Board.

NOTE: It is important that you read through the selection process information before making an appeal. Late or incomplete applications do not constitute grounds for an appeal.

Response to the appeal

The EUROWEB Consortium Board will re-assess your eligibility and assess whether any documentation might have been disregarded that would have altered the outcome of your application according to the specifications you indicate in your appeal.

Even if the Consortium Board upholds your appeal, there is no guarantee that you will be nominated for scholarship. The reason is that there is not any possibility to withdraw a nomination that has already been executed; instead you may be required to apply again and wait until the next time the scholarship is offered. The Consortium Board will execute the decision within three months after the appeal has been received.


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