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MDU offer for PhD students and Post-Docs

NOTE! Please specify in your application which research areas, professors and topics you are applying for. If you are interesed in several different topics, please rank your choices.

Embedded Systems

Professors Hans Hansson and Sasikumar Punnekkat are within the framework of a set of international and national projects with involvement of major industries (Volvo, Thales, Bombardier, etc.) and leading academic partners (University of York (UK), UPM (Spain) and AIT (Austria), etc.) offering the following topics for PhD-work and Post-Doc projects:

  • Component-based software development and contracts for safety certification
  • Safety argumentation in software certification
  • Change impact analysis for safety critical systems
  • Integration of software development and safety certification processes
  • Systems architectures that facilitate safety argumentation
  • Encapsulation by virtualization
  • Software verification for safety
  • Safety-verification through testing
  • Model-based verification
  • Parametric verification by static analysis
  • Industrial evaluation of composable software certification

Software Engineering

Professor Ivica Crnkovic, professor in Software Engineering offers PhD students and Post-Docs research work in the following topics:
  • Component-based Software engineering
  • Dynamic components upload
  • Development of ProCom Component Model and PRIDE - Progress Development Environment Tool
  • Software architecture of resilient systems

Computer Engineering

Professor Björn Lisper, leader of the Programming Languages group at Mälardalen University, offers PhD studies and Post-Docs on the following topics:
  • Static program analysis
  • Worst-Case Execution Time (WCET) analysis

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Assistant Professor Baran Curuklu, is looking for PhD students and Post-Docs in the multi-disciplinary research area of computer vision, robotics, human-robot interaction, and computational neuroscience.
  • Computer vision: In this area our aim is to design 3D vision systems for robots
  • Robotics: The goal is to design a software system for perception and behavior planing of a robot
  • Human-Robot Interaction: The focus is on design of novel methods for intuitive interaction between humans och robots
  • Computational Neuroscience: We are both interested in design of Neurorobotics systems and computational models


Professor Sergei Silvestrov, Area chair for Mathematics/Applied Mathematics at Mälardalen University, offers the PhD and Post-Doc positions on the following topics:
  • Applied matrix analysis
  • Quantum computing and information
  • Algebra and non-commutative geometry
  • Applied Mathematics

Professor Kimmo Eriksson offers a Post-Doc on the topic:

  • Post-doc on mathematical models of cultural evolution

Associate professor Anatoliy Malyarenko offers Post-Docs on the topics

  • Probability
  • Statistics

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