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With the support of Erasmus Mundus Programme of the European Union

Submit application

You apply for the EUROWEB scholarship only through the EUROWEB online application system. You can download the Applicants' Manual here. Before entering the online application, please make sure that you did the following:

  1. Read all info on the webpage.
    Identify which mobility group and target group you belong to. In particular, read Applicant Information.

  2. Browse the partner institutions' local EUROWEB web pages.
    Decide which institutions and programme/course/activity you want to apply to. If you do not find the academic offer you are interested in, please contact the host institution's contact person, see Partner Institutions.

  3. Prepare the relevant documentation.
    Check the list of required documents for your mobility type (see Documents to upload).

  4. Start your application process
    The application is a two-step process: first you need to register an account in the online system, then you register your application and upload the supporting documents, (see Online Application).


  • Note that some institutions are very popular. Thus, you improve your chances to be nominated for a scholarship if your second choice is to a different institution than your first choice.

  • Successful candidates will be asked to present original copies of their diplomas, transcripts, language proficiency proof etc. to the host institution upon admission

  • For questions about the online-application, email Please read all information available on the website before sending us your e-mail. Thank you.

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