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With the support of Erasmus Mundus Programme of the European Union


The EUROWEB+ project, funded by the European commission, aims to continue to establish a European - Western Balkan academic mobility network, in the footsteps of the previous EUROWEB+ project, for achieving excellence in research and education in a global context, by identifying key themes for cooperation, leveraging on the complementary competencies and providing synergies essential for the progress and mutual benefit of the targeted western Balkan countries as well as the European Union. The consortium comprises of 18 prominent educational institutions ( 9 from Europe and 9 from Western Balkans) and is coordinated by Malardalen University, Sweden.

With a funding of of nearly 3 million Euros, EUROWEB+ project will facilitate more almost 200 students/researchers/faculty from Western Balkans to conduct a part of their study at one of the partner institutions. The exchange of personnel, knowledge and competences in multiple study domains of science and technology by our consortium is expected to have a positive and long ranging impact on the socio-economic development of Western Balkan in a sustainable manner.

The students who participate in this program are expected to be the future champions of industrial development and research excellence in the global context. The EUROWEB+ project aims to provide students with excellence in scientific and technological domains, based on both theoretical foundations and practical experience with an international perspective, and prepare them to participate in building and managing complex and large systems and infrastructures (including software-intensive systems). The project aims to nurture and strengthen an EU- Western Balkan academic mobility network, to achieve excellence in both research and education, with special focus on Information Technology, and Engineering in the global context.

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