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With the support of Erasmus Mundus Programme of the European Union

Selection Process

General information

The consortium will use a transparent, fair and objective application and selection mechanism based on common standards. There will be no discrimination in gender, race or ethnicity of the individuals.

The Consortium Board considers the following main aspects:

  • Academic results of applicants current or last degree.
  • Special academic merits, such as awards, publications, etc.
  • Disabled students with special needs.
  • Students with socio-economical problems.
  • Foreign language abilities.

For staff exchange, the following aspects will be meritial:

  • Academic results.
  • Contribution towards joint teaching modules between home and host university.
  • Contribution towards joint research proposals.
  • Participation in education at host institution.
  • Specialization relevant to the host institution.

The goal is to maintain a fairly equal distribution of individual mobility to each host institution.

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