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With the support of Erasmus Mundus Programme of the European Union

Target Groups

The EUROWEB scholarships are aimed at three so-called Target groups in a specific geographical region in Western Balkans called Lot 11.

The EUROWEB project partner countries from Western Balkans are:

  • Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia

The EUROWEB project partner countries from EU are:

  • Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands

Note: Scholarships are available for applicants residing in Western Balkan partner countries to the EU Institutions in the partnership and vice versa. Note that nationals different from Western Balkan partner countries but studying in the partner countries can apply as Target Group 2, see exact definition of Target Groups below.

Identify which Target group you belong to before applying:

Target group Who belong to this group? Available positions
1 Nationals of Western Balkan countries registered at one of the Western Balkan Partner Institutions at the time of application. Nationals of European countries who are registered in one of the European HEIs that is member of the partnership. Undergraduate students must have successfully completed at least one year of studies in their home institution. - Bachelor's
- Master's
- PhD students
- Post-doctorates - Staff
2 Nationals of the third-countries concerned by the geographical lot, who are registered in a higher education institution of these countries that is not included in the partnership, or who have obtained a university degree or equivalent by an institution of these countries. This includes the possibility of providing mobility opportunities to third-country nationals working in public administration, public and private enterprises. - Master's
3 Nationals of one of the Western Balakan countries represented in the consortium who are in a particular vulnerable situation for social and political reasons. - Bachelor's
- Master's

Note: If you have resided or carried out your main activity (studies, work, etc) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of the host countries you are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

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