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Welcome to the homepage of Hi5 - A Holistic and Improved Infrastructure for Increased Industrial Impact of research.

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Hi5 PhD student moves to industry
Peter Wallin, funded from H5 for mobility, after obtaining his PhD got employment at Volvo CE
[ 2011.06.10, 22:38 ]

Hi5 cooperation leads to industry jobs
After a cooperation with CrossControll, Rikard Land moved to CrossControll.
[ 2011.06.01, 22:34 ]

Phd Industrial Internship
PhD students Juraj Feljan and Aneta Vulgarakis spent an internship at ABB corporate research during spring and summer
[ 2011.06.09, 22:23 ]

Hi5 is a project at Mälardalen Real-Time Research Centre (MRTCs) that has a goal to increase the cooperation and synergy of the activities between the research and industry. The three instruments are used to achieve that goal:

  • Increased cooperation on Master education (in particular Software Engineering master program),
  • increase mobility and increase cooperation on PostDoc/expert and specialist level and
  • increased mobility between academia and industry for PHD students (both industrial and “academia” PHD students).
For more details about Hi5, please visit the information page.

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