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Information about Hi5

With a basis in the current extensive and well-recognized research, graduate education, and industrial cooperation at Mälardalen Real-Time Research Centre (MRTC) at Mälardalen University (MDH) in Västerås, we use the following novel instruments for strengthening the industrial impact of research and education as well as speeding up transfer of technology and knowledge from research to industry:

  • An Industrial PreDoc programme, packaged into a two year Master programme, featuring both theoretical courses to prepare students for graduate education and extended thesis work that will be performed as a joint effort between industry and academia.
  • An Industrial PostDoc programme, including one or two years of post doctoral research performed partly in academia, partly at a hosting company, with the purpose of preparing the PhD for an industrial career and/or developing his/her research results into a successful innovation.
  • A mobility programme, including industrial stays for academic PhD students and researchers, as well as a dedicated Industrial Guest Professor programme.

The aims of the above instruments are to facilitate Swedish industry's recruitment of skilled staff, improve industrial relevance in education and research, and promote commercialisation of research results.

The proposed initiative will be based at MRTC and performed in conjunction with on-going and emerging research and graduate education programmes hosted by or involving MRTC.


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