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Industrial experts and MRTC researchers
Aneta Vulgarakis
Activity: Internship ABB: Work on ABB's "Mining 2.0" project May-September 2011.
The purpose of Aneta's work was to perform a market survey of ABB's and competitors products targeting the mining industry.

In Cooperation with: ABB
Juraj Feljan
Activity: Internship ABB: Work on multi-core design with ABB Corporate Research, May-August 2011
The work investigates techniques for mapping tasks onto cores of a multi-core system, with the focus on optimizing the mapping based on the communication density between the tasks. The work is done with the support of the MathWorks MATLAB/Simulink framework.

In Cooperation with: ABB
Anders Hessel
Activity: Mobility project Xware/MDH July 2010-June 2011 (20%)
In this mobility project Anders is adapting an Observer Automata Language for Model-Based Test Case Generation to Business Flow Surveillance. Anders works with Business Surveillance at Xware (xTrade Alarm Server). The Alarm Server is now extended to include more advanced Runtime Verification. For this purpose the Observer Framework (also used in UPPAAL CoVer a tool developed during Anders’ Ph.D. thesis) is adapted and integrated. Conceptually, observing what happens in an exploration branch of a model (during model checking) and observing events in a real system, is not that far from each other. Further, Anders investigates how observers can support monitoring of workflows in general. Possible resulting language extensions could also be used to create more advanced Coverage Criteria used for test case generation of, e.g., Embedded Systems.

In Cooperation with: Xware AB
Kurt Wallnau
Activity: Work on prediction-enabled component technology in cooperation with ABB Corporate Research. The work included several cases studies at ABB and will result with Kurt´s PHD thesis.
In Cooperation with: Software Engineering Institute/Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh USA
Stig Larsson
Activity: Hi5 and the company LUNIK have signed a contract for cooperation. The project includes students supervision, writing a book, and participation in research proposal writing.
In Cooperation with: Lunik
Aneta Vulgarakis
Activity: Visiting Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) , University of Zagreb, Croatia - February- May 2010
As part of the joint collaboration between MDH and FER, Aneta visited Zagreb and has been working on the REMES tool-chain, which is a set of integrated tools for behavioral modeling and analysis of embedded real-time systems. Also during her stay she has been working on the Ericsson Nikola Tesla demonstrator, which is a proof-of-concept solution showing that horizontal development can be used for creating parts of a telecommunication system.

In Cooperation with: PROGRESS, Q-Impress, Ericsson Nikola Tesla
Markus Bohlin
Activity: Mälardalen University, SICS and Trafikverket collaborates in researching new methods for increasing rail yard classification efficiency and flexibility through discrete optimization, and the ntegration of advanced planning and scheduling subsystems with the main controlling system. We will also investigate other uses of advanced planning methods, in particular for optimizing model realizations. In this project we are also collaborating informally with ETH Zürich.
In Cooperation with: SICS and Trafikverket
Tiberiu Seceleanu
Activity: Industrial expert from ABB Corporate Research working 20% at MDH during autumn 2010. He has applied for a position as adjunct professor.
In Cooperation with: ABB
Daniel Sundmark
Activity: Visiting Scania at 50% of full time, Jan - Dec 2010
In a collaboration project between Mälardalen University and Scania, we are investigating how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing of embedded vehicular systems by using lean software development principles. The project includes definition of the current state, definition of metrics of quality and productivity, and short-cycle iterative software process improvement. Within the project we have also established an informal collaboration with Blekinge Institute of Technology.
In Cooperation with: Scania
Magnus Larsson
Activity: SEI/CMU Pittsburgh, PA, USA - June 2009
The collaboration between ABB, MDH and the SEI is existing since several years in forms of visiting scientists, common research projects and experience sharing. In the spring of 2009 we did see a risk that the collaboration could fade away due to the financial crisis. In this situation Hi5 enabled a research visit that lasted half a month. This gave us the opportunity to perform active PhD student supervision and investigate new collaboration proposals. The result was that the PhD student now has a committed plan of finishing the PhD, a new project proposal about software architecture quality attributes was conceived and several presentations was shared with experiences from performing research in an combined industrial and academic setting.
In Cooperation with: ABB
Peter Wallin
Activity: Visiting SEI/CMU Pittsburgh, PA, USA - May - Sept 2009
As part of a joint collaboration with Mälardalen University in Sweden (MDH) and the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) in USA, we are investigating what the current architectural practices are in different domains and how they relate to the evolution of the system. Some of the participating companies are part of the Hi5 industrial partners. The expected outcome of this study is to understand how companies that develop software intensive products have a software and system architecture that is guided by evolution.
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In Cooperation with: ABB

Anders Wall
Active project: PROGRESS
Anders Wall is a researcher at the Software Engineering Lab with a Ph.D. from Mälardalen University in September 2003. Anders has three years of industrial experience from SW-development of industrial control systems at ABB. His research interest includes design of real-time systems, software architectures, component based software engineering for real-time systems and formal methods for real-time systems. He gives courses on software engineering, data communication, and project management at Mälardalen University.
In Cooperation with: ABB
Farhang Nemati
Activity: Working with establishing a framework for Master's thesis projects in cooperation with ABB, in particular related to the 800xA automation system.
In Cooperation with: ABB
Frank Lüders
Activity: Working with establishing a framework for Master's thesis projects in cooperation with ABB, in particular related to the 800xA automation system.
In Cooperation with: ABB
Mikael Åkerholm
Activity: ECSS - Efficient Certification of functional Safety for Software systems
Activity: Thesis supervision and mentorship in cooperation with industrial partners
In Cooperation with: CC Systems
Anders Hessel
Activity: Mobility project ENEA/MDH during april-oct 2009
In Cooperation with: ENEA

Johan Fredriksson
Activity: "Find - Find - Förutsägbarhet i industriella system"
In Cooperation with: ENEA
Jukka Mäki-Turja
Activity: Technology transfer between Arcticus Systems and MDH
MDH and Arcticus Systems has a long record of collaboration in several research projects over the years. In fact, much of Arcticus Systems tools and technology has originated from research at MDH. The most recent projects Multex and EEMDEF has been the basis of the Hi5 funded industrial stay (25% of full time) where Arcticus and Hi5 shares the funding with an equal amount. The main purpose of this project is technology transfer where Jukka acts as a scientific expert on technology which will be incorporated in Arcticus Systems tool suite.
In Cooperation with: Arcticus Systems AB

Rikard Land
Activity:SACO - Säkerhetskritiska komponentbaserade system (Safety-critical component-based systems)
In Cooperation with: CC Systems


Stig Larsson
Activity: BALSOP - Business, Architecture, Organization, and Process: Balancing Software Product Development
In Cooperation with: ABB

International PostDocs

Guillermo Rodríguez-Navas González
Activity: Activity: Dr Rodríguez-Navas visited Västerås for 10 days in February 2011 for cooperation and discussion about future cooperation with MRTC and ABB. The area of research is robust and dependable factory communication, in particular fault-tolerant fieldbus technology.
In Cooperation with: Universitat de les Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Anton Jansen
Active project: Q-IMPRESS:
Quality Impact Prediction for Evolving Service-oriented Software
In Cooperation with: ABB

Antonio Cicchetti
Activity: Investigating the challenges in model-driven testing
Together with Ericsson, I have driven 3 Master’s Theses on MDE and more are to follow. Moreover I am involved in the CHESS project as MDE expert for MDH. Hi5 funding enabled me to acquire new knowledge and expertise in project/research management and supported my research activities. During this period, I have published 5 papers and I was able to attend the corresponding conferences/workshops.
In Cooperation with: Ericsson and Enea
Senthil Kumar Chandran,
Activity: Postdoctoral Researcher from Safety Research Institute, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, INDIA
Investigating improved software reliability estimation methodologies and their uncertainty for computer based systems in safety critical applications.
Hi5 funding has enabled me to study and present a paper on “Reliable Communication Network for International Monitoring System” for the CTBTO conference, Vienna.
Visiting Professors
Peter Altenbernd, visiting professor, February 2010
Activity: Early stage approximate WCET analysis
Peter Altenbernd has a collaboration with WCET (worse case execution time) group at MRTC and Arcticus Systems AB. Early stage timing analysis is very attractive to industry, since it allows timing estimates to be produced before the system is fully deployed. These estimates can be used for time budgeting, hardware dimensioning, and more. Having a grip on timing early in the development process reduces the risk for costly redesigns at late stages due to timing problems. WCET group and he are developing and evaluating methods to do early stage timing analysis based on timing models derived from measurements.
In Cooperation with: Arcticus Systems AB and Darmstadt University, Germany
ASM Sajeev
Activity: Prof. Sajeev’s research at MRTC focuses Software Processes (in collaboration with ABB), Agile development and Software testing. He is also involved in a large industrial survey on processes, methods, preferences and practices in industrial software engineering. Prof. Sajeev is visiting Mälardalen University, November 2009 (and 2008)
In Cooperation with: ABB and University of New England, Australia



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