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Industrial Software Engineering, ISE

Welcome to the Industrial Software Engineering homepage!

ISE is a new international Master's program developed jointly by industrial partners and researchers at Mälardalen Real-Time research Centre, MRTC. The aim of the program is

  1. To significantly increase the supply of competent personnel for future recruitment to Swedish Industry
  2. To increase the industrial relevance in academic education
  3. To prepare students for research education and research performed in close collaboration between industry and academy
ISE is closely linked to the Hi5 project “A holistic and Improved Infrastructure for Increased Industrial Impact of research” managed by MRTC and funded by Vinnova. The goal of the Hi5 project is to increase the cooperation between, and magnify the synergistic effects of activities between research and industrial practice by introducing new instruments for interaction between the two. One of these instruments is increased cooperation on Master's education particularly within a Software Engineering Master's program. By combining Hi5 with the Industrial Software Engineering (ISE) Master's program, both initiatives are strengthened and synergy effects can be obtained between two projects.

Hence, Industrial Software Engineering (ISE) is a two year Master's program with its basis in Hi5. ISE has a strong engagement from industrial partners who participate through globalised industrial (as well as academic) student recruitment, industrial mentors and diploma works in industrial cooperation.

ISE is supported by the KK-foundation as part of an effort to enhance competence in Swedish industry. ISE has its organisational location at Mälardalen Real-Time research Centre (MRTC) at Mälardalen University in Västerås, Sweden. ISE also has some appointed staff (coordinator, administrator, etc.).

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