New approaches to
Software Development

Computer software is, as electricity one hundred years ago, transforming old industries and creating new ones, changing the way innovations are created and brought to use, the way products are produced and our everyday life, and it is a process of which we only have seen the first phase. Software is used both to control industrial processes and in products. It provides them with new features separating them from competing products. Industry is increasingly competing on software. Software is an inevitable part of services, either public or commercial. Those which will manage software will manage the business!

  • How to keep the Swedish software industry competitive?
  • How to manage Software Development to ensure its sustainability?
  • How to bring up Software to a strategic level in the companies?
  • How to increase cooperation between academia and industry to keep software industry on the technological front and make its development highly efficient?

Top experts from both industry and academia will discuss the topics in the seminar.

Time and place:
November 4, Mälardalen University, Högskoleplan 1, Room: Alfa

Register by the latest November 3 at www.mrtc.mdh.se/mit

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Information officer: Malin Rosqvist