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Local information

Västerås is Sweden’s sixth largest city, beautifully located by Lake Mälaren. It is one of the oldest cities in Sweden with a more than 1000 year long history. When you think about economic growth, world class technology and regional shopping you think about Västerås, the birth city of Asea1 , H&M 2 and ICA3 . It’s a strategic meeting point with the Congress Center and a recently completed multi arena. Västerås is the home of world wide company ABB:s largest center for research and development, but also a dancing cultural city with a world famous underwater hotel.

Visitors reach Västerås easily – 53 minutes by train from Stockholm and about an hour with bus or car. Västerås also has its own international airport with connections to e.g., London. Further travel information is given below.

The modern industrial evolution in Sweden started in Västerås when the whole country got its electricity supply from Asea (later ABB) in Västerås. During the 20th century ABB went world wide. In Västerås you also find other world leading companies such as Bombardier Transportation, Westinghouse Electric Sweden, Alstom Power Sweden, Luvata Sweden and Enics Sweden. Some useful links - Mälardalen Real-Time Research Centre - Mälardalen University - Information about Västerås - The city of Vasteras

Travel information

Västerås is located about 100 km west of Stockholm. The nearest larger international airport is Arlanda which also is the port to Stockholm. Arlanda/Stockholm is connected with all major cities in the world with direct flights. For other cities a connection via frequent flights from Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris and other major European airports can be used.

Transportation from Arlanda Airport to Västeras takes approximately 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 min by bus/taxi. The bus is departing frequently, and the price is approximately €22. The price for taxi is approximately €150. An alternative way of transportation from Arlanda is to take the Arlanda Express train (20 minutes) or a bus to Stockholm and then a train (1 hour) from Stockholm Central Station to Västerås. The price for the Arlanda Express train is about €25, and a train Stockholm – Västerås €14.

Other airport options in Stockholm include Bromma and Stockholm Skavsta, where the latter is very well connected through Ryanair and other low-cost airlines. Bromma is nearby the Sundbyberg train station, where it is possible to board the train from Stockholm to Västerås. From Stockholms Skavsta there are buses going to Stockholm Central Station, and from there you can take the train to Västerås.

Finally, another option for going to Västerås is via Västerås airport, very close to the Västerås city center (less than 10 minutes by car). The Västerås airport (also named Stockholm West) has connections to, e.g., to London (Stansted).

Please note that payment by credit card is a very convenient way of payment in Sweden; by a credit card you can pay almost everything including bus, train tickets, and taxi rides.

1Since 1988 ABB – Asea Brown Boveri – 112000 employees in >100 countries
2Clothing – 68000 employees in 28 countries
3ICA is the largest chain of grocery stores in Sweden – 2300 associated stores and >11000 employees.
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