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Bibliographic data

Below, we present a list of key publications, selected from the 405 PROGRESS publications in 2006-2011. The total number is distributed over different types of publications according to the following:

Publication type Amount
Books 9
Journal articles 40
Conference articles 285
Articles in collections 13
Technical reports 38
PhD-theses 10
Licentiate theses 10

These articles frequently have co-authors with affiliation outside MDH. The following statistics for the articles from 2006-2008 illustrates the level of national and international cooperation (the first table illustrates the number of articles externally co-authored, whereas the second table presents the number of external co-authors):

Number of articles with co-authors Amount
National academia 29
International academia 116
National industry 84
International industry 8

Number of co-authors Amount
National academia 20
International academia 118
National industry 43
International industry 16

For a complete and up-to-date account of PROGRESS publications we refer to our publication database available at http://www.mrtc.mdh.se/progress/. Please note that, the tradition within the scientific areas of PROGRESS is to mainly publish full papers in peer-reviewed conferences, and that acceptance ratios for the leading conferences normally are substantially lower than those for the journals.

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