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Innovations and prototypes that have been produced

There are several examples of research within PROGRESS that have been adopted by industry, and in some cases resulted in new products or improvement of existing products, including

  • Rubus ICE – and integrated development environment for component-based software development developed by Arcticus Systems. The latest releases of RUBUS ICE is heavily based on results emerging from PROGRESS and MDH researchers and students are participating in research cooperation with Arcticus. Rubus ICE is used by several companies in their embedded systems development, including Volvo CE.
  • Development of a Component Repository at CrossControl that facilitates reuse of software components across different CrossControl products.
  • The Tracealyzer tool commercialised by the spin-off company PERCEPIO. Tracealyzer is a tool that monitors and logs execution of software, as well as provides analysis and visualisation of the thus obtained traces. All industrial robots produced by ABB are equipped with this logging mechanism.
  • The Mimer Embedded Database originates from research at MRTC, which has been extended within PROGRESS. Plans include deploying the database proxy technique developed within PROGRESS into industrial use.

Also, a number of scientific software-besed prototype tools have been developed, including

  • The SaveIDE integrated development environment for the component model SaveCCM.
  • The PrIDE integrated development environment for the component model ProCom.
  • The MASS tool for extraction of models from software code.
  • The UppAal Port model-checking verification tool optimized for verification of component-based models.
  • An AADL (architecture description language) simulator and verifier.
  • The REMES (resource aware models) simulator.
  • The REMES to Priced Timed Automata transformation tool.
  • The SWEET execution time analysis tool.

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