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Software Engineering Laboratory

Leader: Ivica Crnkovic
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Research groups:
Embedded Systems Software Engineering
Industrial Software Engineering
Safety-critical Engineering


Software Engineering Lab is placed at Department of Computer Science and Electronics ( IDE) at Mälardalen University ( MdH). It is also part of Mälardalen Research Real time Center ( MRTC), and the PROGRESS Centre for Predictable Embedded Software Systems. SEL is also active member of Swedish Software Engineering Network SESweden.

The mission of the Software Engineering Laboratory is to provide education in all relevant aspects of Software Engineering, and research in Systems and software engineering for industrial and embedded systems. To establish world class education and research in this utterly complex area extensive collaboration with industry is required.

Our research is directed to increase the knowledge of software engineering and in particular of industrial software engineering, real-time and embedded systems component-based software engineering, dependable systems, from both theoretical and practical points of view. The research results of the SEL is supposed to be used both at the university and in the industry. At the university, the accumulated knowledge is used for further education in order to prepare the students for new aspects in system development. The industry will benefit with direct implementation of methods and knowledge built up in the research activities and well educated students.

Research Areas:

    * Component-Based Software Engineering
    * Software engineering for real-time embedded systems
    * Software Configuration Management
    * Product-line architectures for real-time systems
    * Software Processes
    * Dependable embedded systems
    * Test and Verification
    * Legacy systems modelling


Software Engineering is an increasingly important area in computer science that deals with design and development of high quality software systems. In this program you will gain extensive knowledge and practical skills in software engineering. The Master Program in Software Engineering provides you with a deep knowledge in development of high quality software systems, which is essential for software architects, project leaders, and technical specialists especially within a global development context. The extensive research elements in the program provide you a head-start for an academic research career as well.

Software Engineering Lab offers the following Master Programs


In a combination with the Master program in Software Engineering, 120 credits, students have a possiblity to obtain a double master degree by attending Global software Engineering European Master Program (GSEEM). GSEEM is a common Master Programme in Software Engineering organised by four Universities: Mälardalen University in Sweden, University of L’Aquila in Italy, Vrije Universiteit in Netherlands and Westminster University in United Kingdom. As a GSEEM student you can study at two universities. After one year of study you will move from the first university to a second university at which you will complete your studies.

For more information see:

Global Software Engineering European Master Program (GSEEM)

The best students can apply to be members of Industrial Software Engineeing Group which gives you opportunity to get a conatct with companies and get scholarship.

Master and Bachelor Thesis

Master and Bachelor Theses can be found at http://www.idt.mdh.se/utbildning/exjobb/ or at the institution's student service

SEL has a staff of 20 people: five senior researchers whereof two professors, one adjunct professor and two senior lecturers, 10 Ph.D. students (five of them industrial Ph.D. students), two research engineers, and three lecturers.


Latest lab publications

Being Agile when Developing Software Components and Component-Based Systems – Experiences from Industry, Iva Krasteva (Sofia University), Rikard Land (former), Abdulkadir Sajeev (former), EuroSPI, Publizon, Madrid, Spain, September, 2009

Reuse with Software Components – A Survey of Industrial State of Practice, Rikard Land (former), Daniel Sundmark, Frank Lüders, Iva Krasteva (Sofia University), Adnan Causevic, 11th International Conference on Software Reuse, Springer, Falls Church, VA, USA, September, 2009

A Survey on Industrial Software Engineering, Adnan Causevic, Iva Krasteva (Sofia University), Rikard Land (former), Abdulkadir Sajeev (former), Daniel Sundmark, Poster session at International Conference on Agile Processes and eXtreme Programming in Software Engineering (XP2009), p 240–241, Springer, Sardinia, Italy, Editor(s):P. Abrahamsson, M. Marchesi, and F. Maurer, May, 2009

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