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Larger Setting

PROGRESS is an important part of the research environment Mälardalen Real-Time Research Centre (MRTC) at MDH in Västerås. MRTC is a relatively large and well-integrated research environment consisting of the following 9 cooperating and mutually supportive research groups.

  • Business-Oriented Engineering of Software and Systems group (Prof. Jakob Axelsson) – focusing on problems related to the management of industrial product development, in particular software and systems engineering of embedded products.
  • Complex Real-Time Embedded Systems group (Prof. Thomas Nolte) – focusing on compositional execution and analysis of real-time systems, multiprocessor scheduling and synchronization, predictable execution of real-time systems and other topics related to predictability of real-time systems.
  • Dependable Software Engineering group (Prof. Sasikumar Punnekkat) – focusing on methods and processes for engineering dependable software systems, in particular in a combination of efficient development processes, and focusing on real-time, safety and reliability of the products.
  • Industrial Software Engineering group (Prof. Ivica Crnkovic) – focusing on engineering of complex software-intensive embedded systems, covering the entire lifecycle and including technologies, methods and processes. Particular emphasis on component-based software engineering and component-models for embedded systems.
  • Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems group (Prof. Mikael Sjödin) – focusing on development of methods and tools for model-based engineering of embedded systems. Specializing in analysis of non-functional properties of component-based systems, and resource-efficient and predictable run-time infrastructures.
  • Programming Language group (Prof. Björn Lisper) – focusing on static program analysis for embedded systems, specializing in worst-case execution time analysis.
  • Real-Time Systems Design group (Prof. Hans Hansson) – focusing on design methods, architectures, and communication for real-time systems, with emphasis on software testing and adaptive real-time systems.
  • Real-Time Systems Modelling and Analysis group (Prof. Paul Pettersson) – focusing on formal modelling, analysis, and verification techniques for real-time embedded systems. In particular, formal syntax and semantics of component-based and service oriented models with extra-functional properties such as time or resources.
  • Wireless Communication group (Prof. Mats Björkman) – focusing on research in wireless sensor networks; communication energy optimization, Safe and secure wireless industrial automation, reliable wireless communication in harsh environments and content distribution network optimization.

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