Gender and Computer Science Education Research (start-up phase)

At the Dept of Computer Engineering we have started a group for didactic research and projects. The activities of this group fall within the research area commonly called Computer Science Education Research. One focus of research in this group will be on Gender and Computer Science, an area where we have knowledge and experience from earlier activities. This area is rather new in Sweden, but there is substantial work to build on both from other sciences (eg mathematics and physics) and from work done in for example USA, England and Australia. A project on Gender and Computer Science Education centres in the area where the fields of Computer Science, Pedagogy and Gender Research intersect.

There are many interesting research questions to pursue in this area, especially since Computer Science is a fairly young science, which is still under formation and subject of many discussions regarding core character and content. Examples of interesting questions deal with how male and female students and faculty understands and creates knowledge and images of concepts, for example how male and female students learn and understand programming. Another important question addresses the very low participation of women in the field of Computer Science, and how possibly the way that Computer Science is defined, described and taught can be a factor of importance here.

The aim of this research is to create knowledge in the field, which would strengthen and improve education, and possibly also influence research, within Computer Science.

Project members: