Data Field Haskell 98
Status: active
Start date: 2000-04-10
Project description: There is a an experimental compiler for Data field Haskell based on nhc13. Nhc stands for "Nearly a Haskell Compiler". It was originally written by Nicklas Röjemo at Chalmers university and was only compliant with a subset of Haskell. Nhc has since then been extended and maintained by the functional programming group at York. The leatest version nhc98, is now pretty close to be compliant with the Haskell 98 standard. So they suggest that nhc from now instead should stand for "aNother Haskell Compiler".
The main goal of this project is to update the existing implementation and documentation of Data field Haskell to support Haskell 98 and to port dfhc to the new version of nhc.
Lab: csl
Leader: Björn Lisper, (professor at Dept. of Computer Engineering, Mälardalen University),
Members: Andreas Sjögren, (PhD student, Mälardalen University),
Partners: KTH
Funding: Internal
Results achieved: A new version of the Data Field Haskell compiler, that now supports Haskell 98 rather than Haskell v. 1.3, has recently been completed.
Current activities : Documentation
  • Sparc-Solaris2
  • ix86-Linux
  • Source:
  • dfhc98-1.0beta.tar.gz
  • Documentation:
  • Online Documentation
  • Andreas Sjögren's master's thesis, Data Field Haskell 98
  • Jonas Holmerin's master's thesis, Implementing Data Field Haskell
  • Links:
  • Data Field Haskell
  • Project Data fields
  • Data Field Haskell (old-KTH)
  • Data Fields (old-KTH)
  • Nhc98, the current version of nhc from York