Planned activities:


2015-09-22, Milan, Italy:Thematic session at HiPEAC Computing Systems  Week (TACLe supports the speakers).

Organiser: Kevin Hammond.


2015-09-29, Copenhagen, Denmark: TACLeBench meeting 1.

Organiser: Martin  Schoeberl. The purpose of this meeting is to coordinate the work on the  TACLeBench benchmark suite. 


2015-11-06 (tentative date), Krakow, Poland:TACLeBench meeting 2.

Organiser: Peter Hellinckx.


2015-11-16 (tentative date), Porto, Portugal:Focussed meeting on timing  analysis of parallel programs in many-core architectures.

Organiser:  Konstantinos Bletsas.

This meeting targets junior researchers and PhD  students who wants to learn more about this topic.


2016-01-20 - 2016-01-22, Prague, Czech Republic:7th Joint WG/MC meeting  + HiPEAC Workshop.

Organiser: TBA.

This meeting is in conjunction with  the HiPEAC conference. We will have a workshop Jan 20th, followed by our own meeting Jan 21-22.


2016-04-02, Eindhoven, Netherlands (ETAPS workshop):Resource Aware Computing Workshop.

Organiser: Marko van Eekelen.


2016-06-13 - 2016-06-17 (tentative dates), somewhere close to Vienna:2nd TACLe Summer School on Advanced Code-Level Timing Analysis Techniques.

Organisers: Peter Puschner, Martin Schoeberl, Tullio  Vardanega.

A follow up to our Summer School in Venice in 2014. We aim for 25 students. 


2016-07-04 - 2016-07-05, Toulouse, France:Eight joint WG/MC meeting, and WCET Workshop.

Organiser: TBA.

As usual we will have our own meeting first, the 4th, and then the WCET Workshop the 5th.


2016-09-15 (tentative date), Budapest, Hungary:SQAMIA Workshop.

Organiser: Zoran Budimac.

(TACLe supports an invited speaker.)