TACLe Focussed Meeting Day


                TACLe Focussed Meeting Day on
                  Friday, September 27, 2013
            Vienna University of Technology, Austria

The increased power of the singlecore and multicore processors used in
embedded systems allows system designers to put more functionality and
more complex functions under computer control.
As many applications entail safety and time-critical functionality the computer
systems embedded in these applications must meet highest safety and timing

On the TACLe Focussed Meeting Day on Time
Predictability/Composability/Compositionality we will discuss how one can
build complex embedded computer systems for applications such that the
timing of software components can be predicted with justifiable effort,
timing guarantees can be given, and timing interferences between different
hardware/software units can be kept to a minimum.

The presentations of the meeting day will present different views and aspects
of the problem domain and will provide plenty of time for discussion.

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