Mälardalen University

Västerås, Sweden

The WCET analysis research group at Mälardalen University is the developer of the SWEdish Execution Time analysis tool (SWEET), an academic worst-case execution time analysis tool prototype.

The current main research focus is on methods for deriving safe upper bounds on the possible executions of a program, e.g. iteration bounds of loops, called functions, execution bounds on code parts, and dependencies between different code parts. SWEET can handle complete ANSI-C programs including pointers, unstructured code, and recursion.

The research group also performs industrial case studies on WCET analysis towards different companies, using both academic and commercial WCET analysis tools. The results of the case studies are used to guide both continued research and WCET tool development.

The WCET group belongs to the Mälardalen Real-Time research Center (MRTC), a worldwide leading academic research center in the field of real-time systems.