Vienna University of Technology

Vienna, Austria

The Compilers and Languages Group of the Institute of Computer Languages At Vienna University of Technology is devoted to the theory and practice of all aspects of the design, implementation, and application of programming languages, and their interactions with related fields such as distributed systems, processor architecture, and operating systems. TUV's role in this project is to integrate the tools of other partners with its C/C++ static analysis infrastructure, SATIrE, to enable data exchange with these tools, and work on static analyses that can support lower-level analysis on binary level.

SATIrE integrates components of different program analysis tools and offers an infrastructure for building new code analysis tools. SATIrE’s design allows to build arbitrary tool chains with the integrated tools and to add user-defined components.

In its present release, SATIrE integrates the Program Analyzer Generator (PAG) from AbsInt, components of the LLNL-ROSE source-to-source infrastructure (e.g. the EDG C/C++ front end), and a Prolog term representation for exporting and importing the SATIrE intermediate representation.