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ITS-EASY industrial research school

ITS-EASY is an industrial research school in Embedded Software and Systems, affiliated with the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT) at Malardalen University (MDH), as an integrated part of the MDH strategic research area Embedded Systems (ES).

ITS-EASY is a cooperation with MDH, KKS and ten industry partners.

ITS-EASY envisions to be a unique industrial research school par excellence in the Embedded Systems domain in Sweden. ITS-EASY is focused on topics of paramount importance for dominating parts of Swedish industry: Embedded Systems including Software-Intensive Systems, Dependable (reliable and safe) Systems, and Sensor Systems. The main industrial domains considered are automation, telecommunication and vehicles.

The primary topics covered by ITS-EASY are related to system and software engineering of embedded systems, with emphasis on

  • System and Software Evolution,
  • Testing and Monitoring,
  • Platform Virtualization, and
  • Data Acquisition and Processing.

Open seminars within ITS-EASY
The open seminar is a great opportunity to present your inspirational and innovative ideas, research questions, results, projects, papers, tutorials, etc. ,  and discuss  with other colleagues, receive feedback or initiate closer collaborations.
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ITS-EASY workshop
Visiting University of Paderborn one of the leading centers in Software Engineering
[ 2013.05.30, 05:31 ]

The first ITS-EASY journal paper
Mehrdad Saadatmand, Thomas Leveque, Antonio Cicchetti, Mikael Sjödin, “Managing Timing Implications of Security Aspects in Model-Driven Development of Real-Time Embedded Systems”, International Journal On Advances in Security, vol 5, nr 3
[ 2013.02.11, 15:32 ]

Best Papers award!
Gaetana Sapienza, Tiberiu Seceleanu, Ivica Crnkovic, Towards a Methodology for Hardware and Software Design Separation in Embedded Systems
ICSEA 2012

[ 2013.01.28, 23:28 ]

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