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ITS-EASY is an industrial research school in Embedded Software and Systems, affiliated with the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT) at Mälardalen University (MDH), as an integrated part of the MDH strategic research area Embedded Systems (ES). ITS-EASY envisions to be a unique industrial research school par excellence in the Embedded Systems domain in Sweden.

ITS-EASY is focused on topics of paramount importance for dominating parts of Swedish industry: Embedded Systems including Software-Intensive Systems, Dependable (reliable and safe) Systems, and Sensor Systems. The main industrial domains considered are automation, telecommunication and vehicles. The primary topics covered by ITS-EASY are related to system and software engineering of embedded systems, with emphasis on

  • System and Software Evolution
  • Testing and Monitoring
  • Platform Virtualization
  • Data Acquisition and Processing

The ITS-EASY PhD-students are affiliated both with MDH and one of the participating industries. ITS-EASY students will become experts in a selected research area, and will have experience of industrial development, ready to continue their careers as industrial specialists, innovators, or academic researchers – in all cases well aware of the academic and industrial environments.

Embedded Systems at Mälardalen University
Embedded systems is Mälardalen University's most research-intensive area and consists of two parts: Mälardalen Real-Time research Centre, MRTC, and Intelligent Sensor Systems, ISS.

ITS-EASY is hosted by Embedded Systems, which is one of six prioritised research areas at MDH. ES includes the two research directions Intelligent Sensor Systems (ISS) and Mälardalen Real-Time Systems Research Centre (MRTC). MRTC is a nationally leading research center for embedded systems, mainly focused on embedded software. The area of MRTC expertise includes real-time systems, software engineering, component-based and model-driven engineering, formal verification nd analysis, test, software and system architecture. MRTC is hosting the national strategic research centre PROGRESS, the center for development of Embedded Systems software.

ISS is a unit which conducts research in the fields of artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering, robotics and wireless communications. The research focus is on mobile, intelligent sensor systems that will lead to improved safety and efficiency in business and healthcare. Within the area of Embeddes systems there are 16 professors, about 50 senior researchers, close to 60 doctoral students.

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