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ITS-EASY courses

The course curriculum of ITS-EASY include courses in the following categories:
  • Research methodology and professional/innovation-related courses:
    These courses will provide students with knowledge in research methodology, the purpose and goals of the research, the professional and research ethical aspects, relation between research and development, and finally utilisation of the research – innovation and technology transfer.
  • Research subject-related courses:
    These courses will either be improvements of existing courses, or new courses according to the research trends and activities at MDH, and needs of the industrial partners and covering the ITS-EASY research directions.

To register to a course, contact the person responsible for the course. It is expected that the PhD-students will obtain between 75 and 90 credits (hp) in total, according to the requirements from the university, which corresponds to up to one-and-a half year of coursework. A preliminary list of the courses offered is presented in the table below. This list is under constant development, and new courses will be added.

>> Academic calendar at MDH (semesters & dates)

Research methodology and professional courses
Course Who  
Research methods in natural science and engineering 7,5 hp (Mandatory) Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic  
Computing and Philosophy, CaP, Global Course, 7,5 hp Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic  
Technology transfer, 7,5 hp (Mandatory) Stig Larsson, Magnus Larsson  
Bibliotekskurs för doktorander, 0 hp. Engslish version to be given spring 2013 Per Nyström  
Professional ethics, 7,5 hp (Mandatory) Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic  
Advanced computational Thinking and Writing Research Toolbox, 5 hp Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic  
Research Planning, 4,5 hp (Mandatory) Hans Hansson  
Introduction to graduate education for new PhD students, 4,5 hp Thomas Nolte & Emma Nehrenheim  
Research subject related courses
Course Who  
Communications for Cyber-Physical Systems, 3 hp Lucia Lo Bello and Elisabeth Uhlemann  
Industrial Systems Cloud Computing, 7,5 hp Hongyu Pei Breivold  
Industrial systems development, 7,5 hp Antonio Cicchetti  
Distributed software development, 7,5 hp Ivica Crnkovic  
Project course in robotics, 15 hp Giacomo Spampinato  
Safety critical systems engineering, 7,5 hp Kristina Lundqvist, Barbara Gallina  
Intelligent systems, 7,5 hp Ning Xiong  
Advanced component-based software engineering, 7,5 hp Ivica Crnkovic  
Advanced software engineering, 7,5 hp Frank Lüders  
Software Development for Real-time systems, 7,5 hp Radu Dobrin, Jan Carlsson  
Advanced software verification and validation, 7,5 hp Paul Pettersson  
Industrial project course, 15 hp (”Mandatory for some”)

Previous courses:

Research methodology and professional courses
Course Who When
Introduction to safety critical systems, 2,5 hp Iain Bate June 2012
Project management and commercialization, 7,5 hp Erik Dahlquist March 2012
Search-based Testing, 7,5 hp Daniel Sundmark Feb 2012
Search-Based Testing, 2,5 hp Phil McMinn Nov 2011

(Possible) Future courses:

Research methodology and professional courses
Course Who When
Empirical software engineering, 7,5 hp

Research and innovation, 7,5 hp

Intercultural competence in global engineering, 7,5 hp

Research subject related courses
Course Who When
Advances in embedded systems, 15 hp

Software and System Evolution, 7,5 hp

Other new courses, 3-7,5 hp

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