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The SAVE-IT industrial graduate school

Welcome to the homepage of SAVE-IT!

SAVE-IT is an industrial graduate school with a research focus upon real-time- and safety-critical systems, and with a special focus upon component-based development of such systems. SAVE-IT organizes research studies for a number of industrial PhD students, and works for an increased cooperation and exchange between participating companies and universities.

PhD students accepted to SAVE-IT are offered financial support, and are allowed to freely participate in a collection of tailor-made network activities and graduate courses.

SAVE-IT is supported by the KK-foundation as part of an effort to enhance competence in Swedish industry. SAVE-IT has its organisational location at Mälardalen Real-Time research Center (MRTC) at Mälardalen University in Västerås, Sweden. SAVE-IT includes a network of industrial and academic partners. SAVE-IT also has some appointed staff (coordinator, administrator, etc.) and a controlling board.

For more details about SAVE-IT, please see the SAVE-IT presentation or visit the information page.


Aug 2011: Form for supervisor's final reporting of SAVE-IT project(s) (in docx format). Deadline for providing input: Wednesday Sept 14.

Feb 2011: Protocol from board meeting 2011-02-17 available, including SAVE-IT economical status.

Jan 2011: PhD student report form 2010 (pdf) or (rtf) available.

Jan 2011: Form for requisition of mobility support (pdf) or (rtf) for 2010 available.

Jan 2011: Company report form (pdf) or (rtf) for 2010 available.

Contact information
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