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The SAVE-IT board

The SAVE-IT board controls SAVE-IT. The board consists of a selection of academical and industrial representatives who have been appointed by the KK-foundation and Mälardalen University. Please see below for board meeting protocols.

The following are SAVE-IT board members.
Prof. Jakob Axelsson, board chairman
MRTC Homepage, MDH Homepage
Company: Volvo Personvagnar AB
Profession: Reponsible for the long time research and technical development in electricity and electronics of Volvo Personvagnar. Adjungated professor at Mälardalen University in computer science.
Prof. Simin Nadjm-Tehrani, board member
University Homepage
University: Linköpings University (LiU)
Profession: Researcher and director of Real-time Systems Laboratory (RTSLAB) at Linköping University.
Prof. Christer Norström, board member
MRTC Homepage University Homepage
University: Mälardalen University (MDH)
Profession: Professor at Dept. of Computer Science and Electronics at Mälardalen University.
Erik Gyllenswärd, board member
Company: Bombardier Transportation Sweden AB
Profession: Project manager and software specialist in the area of train control and management system.
Helena Malmqvist, board member
Company: ABB Corporate Research
Profession: Reponsible for the research cooperation between the Swedish part of ABB and Swedish universities.
Stefan Johnsson, student board member
Homepage(s): MRTC, MDH
Company: Level 21 Management AB (Västerås)
Profession: Industrial SAVE-IT PhD Student

Previous board members

Mirka Mikes-Lindbäck, board member
Company: ABB Corporate Research
Profession: Previously reponsible for the research cooperation between the Swedish part of ABB and Swedish universities.

Board meetings and protocols

Below are protocols from the SAVE-IT board meetings.

2005-01-12: protocol.

2005-04-12: protocol.

2005-09-22: protocol.
supplements: protocol 20050412, årsrapport 2004, arbetsfördelning SAVE-IT personal, handlingsplan rekrytering, handlingsplan nätverksaktiviteter.

2006-02-03: protocol.
supplements: budget 2006-2010, plan för doktorandstöd, kommunikationsplan 2006.

2006-04-05: protocol.
supplements: statistik antagna doktorander.

2006-09-12: protocol.
supplements: förslag nyckeltal.

2007-01-17: protocol.
supplements: budget 2006-2010.

2007-04-17: protocol.

2007-11-20: protocol (including budget).

2008-02-11: protocol.

2008-06-02: protocol.

2008-10-06: protocol.

2008-11-24: protocol.

2009-04-09: protocol.

2009-05-25: protocol.

2009-10-01: protocol.

2009-11-23: protocol.

2010-02-15: protocol.

2010-06-15: protocol.

2011-02-17: protocol.
supplements: ekonomisk genomgang av SAVE-IT 2011-02-03.

Upcoming board meetings

Wednesday 2011-06-08 at 13.00-15.30 at MRTC.

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