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SAVE-IT Documents

The following is a list of downloadable documents for SAVE-IT (some in Swedish). For more details on SAVE-IT please contact the SAVE-IT coordinator or the SAVE-IT administrator or visit the information web page.

Material on SAVE-IT

Presentation of SAVE-IT (pdf) or (ppt).
SAVE-IT Annual Report for 2009 (pdf, in Swedish).
SAVE-IT Annual Report for 2008 (pdf, in Swedish).
SAVE-IT Annual Report for 2007 (pdf, in Swedish).
SAVE-IT Annual Report for 2006 (pdf, in Swedish).
SAVE-IT Annual Report for 2005 (pdf, in Swedish).
Uppgiftsbeskrivning industriell handledare och mentor (pdf) - describes the role of the industrial supervisor and the mentor.
Call for SAVE-IT courses proposals (pdf) - let you suggest new SAVE-IT courses.
KKS half-time evaluation report on SAVE-IT (pdf, in Swedish).

Please visit the SAVE-IT board homepage for board meeting protocols.

Reporting to SAVE-IT

Form for supervisor's final reporting of SAVE-IT project(s) (in docx format). Deadline for providing input: Wednesday Sept 14.
PhD student report form 2010 (pdf) or (rtf) (in Swedish).
Form for requisition of mobility support (pdf) or (rtf) for 2010 (in Swedish).
Company report form (pdf) or (rtf) (in Swedish, same as Bilaga2 below).

Applying to SAVE-IT

Inbjudan till SAVE-IT (pdf) - presents SAVE-IT and gives all details for applying to SAVE-IT.
Ansökningsblankett (pdf) or (.doc) - application form to be filled in and signed.
Två parts modellkontrakt (doc) or (rtf) - two part model contract.
Tre parts modellkontrakt (doc) or (rtf) - three part model contract.
Bilaga1 (pdf) (avtal KKS och SAVE-IT) - supplement to modellkontrakt.
Bilaga2 (doc) or (rtf) - redovisning av företagets insats - supplement to modellkontrakt.
Bilaga3 (doc) or (rtf) - tillsättande industriell mentor - supplement to modellkontrakt.

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