SNART and MRTC organises the Swedish conference

Real-Time in Sweden 2003 - RTiS'03

in Västerås 18 and 19 of August 2003

General Conference Information

Real-Time in Sweden 2003 is a conference intended to bring together industry and academia in an effort to put together and share information about essential and urgent topics in embedded systems and real-time. This is the seventh conference in a series of successful biennial conferences organized by SNART since 1991.

SNART (the Swedish National Association for Real-Time) is a non-profit association with members from industry and academia who share an interest in real-time aspects of computation and system design. More information about SNART and continuously updated information about the conference can be found at

Conference Topics
This year’s conference, hosted by Mälardalen Real-Time Research Centre (MRTC), will cover aspects in embedded systems and real-time systems by focusing on the following four topics:

  • Control and Real-Time Systems – In order to satisfactory control the behavior of a system, knowledge in both control and real-time is needed. To reach further, understanding about the interaction between the two fields is necessary.
  • Engineering of Complex Embedded Systems – Successful development of complex embedded systems require consideration of processes and organization as well as technology. Which are the active mechanisms when an organization works with a product in different phases of its life cycle?
  • Verification and Validation of Real-Time Systems – verification and validation of non real-time systems is difficult. The introduction of multi-tasking and timing requirements add a dimension making verification and validation a true challenge.
  • Component Technologies for Embedded Systems – Component are considered a promising technology for reuse and increased reliability of software. Embedded systems put special requirements on a component technology, with respect to resource usage and timing, which is not always considered by available technologies.

Experienced people from industry and academia will put an interesting perspective on these topics. Moreover, the conference hold a panel discussion about embedded systems, as well as presentation of interesting projects within industry and universities.

Information about local organiser MRTC
MRTC organises all research and graduate education at the department of Computer Science and Engineering, at Mälardalen University (MdH) in Västerås, Sweden. The research covers a wide spectrum - from pure computer science to applied electronics - but with an emphasis on computer engineering and dominating focus on real-time systems. MRTC is organised in four laboratories and has a staff of 8 professors, 8 additional senior researchers, and more than 50 graduate students. Department of Computer Science and Engineering is responsible for three curriculums:
  • Computer Science program
  • Computer Engineering
  • Master of Science program in co-operation with
    Computer and Electronic engineering department.

Further they provide international masters program in Computer Science and Real-Time Systems.

Contact information
Send any questions to

General chair : Christer Norström (MDH).

Program co-chairs: Martin Törngren (KTH), Kristian Sandström (MDH), Dag Nyström (MDH).