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9.15-10.15Keynote 1: "Challenges in Embedded Software & Systems Engineering" - Prof. Jakob Axelsson, Swedish Institute for Computer Science (SICS)
10.45-12.00Technical Paper Session 1: Real-Time Scheduling - Session Chair: Thomas Nolte
"Reservation-Based CPU Management for Multicore Platforms" - Karl-Erik Årzén, Vanessa Romero Segovia, Stefan Schorr and Gerhard Fohler.
"Exact Feasibility Test for Fault-Tolerant Fixed-Priority Scheduling of Constrained-Deadline Periodic Real-Time Tasks" - Risat Mahmud Pathan and Jan Jonsson.
"The Digraph Real-Time Task Model" - Martin Stigge, Pontus Ekberg, Nan Guan and Wang Yi.
13.00-13.30Bengt Asker Award 2011: "A Power Aware Real Time Scheduler for Sporadic Tasks, with Multilevel Quality of Service Support" - Nikolaos Anastasiadis
13.30-14.45Technical Paper Session 2: Component-Based Real-Time Systems, Software Architectures - Session Chair: Cristina Seceleanu
"Composable mode switch for component-based systems" - Hang Yin, Etienne Borde and Hans Hansson.
"Personal Alarm Device: A case study in component-based design of embedded real-time software" - Jimmie Wiklander, Andrey Kruglyak, Johan Nordlander and Per Lindgren.
"Towards Harmonizing Multiple Architecture Description Languages for Real-Time Embedded Systems" - Tahir Naseer Qureshi, Martin Torngren, Magnus Persson, Dejiu Chen and Carl-Johan Sjöstedt.
15.15-16.05Technical Paper Session 3: Automotive Systems - Session Chair: Kristina Lundqvist
"Position-Based Real-Time Communication Support for Cooperative Traffic Safety Services" - Annette Böhm and Magnus Jonsson.
"Cooperative driving according to Scoop" - Assad Alam, Fredrik Asplund, Sagar M. Behere, Mattias Björk, Liliana Garcia Alonso, Farzad Khaksari, Altamash Khan, Joakim Kjellberg, Kuo-Yun Liang, Rickard Lyberger, Jonas Mårtensson, John-Olof Nilsson, Henrik Pettersson, Simon Pettersson, Elin Stålklinga, Dennis Sundman, Martin Törngren, and Dave Zachariah.
16.15-17.15SNART Meeting (Open to all members of SNART - become a member for free at
17.15-18.00Walk down to M/S Napoleon
18.00-21.30RTiS Dinner at M/S Napoleon


9.00-10.00Keynote 2: "Trends and Challenges of Safety Critical Systems in Automation Industry" - Dr. -Ing. Frank Reichenbach, ABB Corporate Research, Norway
10.30-12.35WORDS2011 Technical Session
13.30-14.00Bus transfer to Björnö
14.00-15.15Technical Paper Session 4: Real-Time Scheduling, Software Architectures - Session Chair: Radu Dobrin
"Scheduling of CRO systems under SPR-DM" - Per Lindgren, Johan Eriksson, Simon Aittamaa, Pawel Pietrzak and Jimmie Wiklander.
"Fixed-Priority Multiprocessor Scheduling with Liu & Laylandùs Utilization Bound" - Nan Guan, Martin Stigge, Wang Yi and Ge Yu.
"An Architecture-based Verification Technique for AADL Specifications" - Andreas Johnsen, Kristina Lundqvist and Paul Pettersson.
15.45-16.45Student Project Presentations - Session Chair: Dag Nyström
"Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis of Parallel Systems" - Andreas Gustavsson.
"Trace-Based Statistical Timing Analysis of Complex Industrial Real-Time Embedded Systems" - Yue Lu.
"Adaptive Bandwidth Resource Management in Multicore Platforms" - Vanessa Romero Segovia and Karl-Erik Årzén.
"Using Temporal Isolation to Achieve Predictable Integration of Real-Time Components" - Rafia Inam, Jukka Mäki-Turja, Mikael Sjödin and Jan Carlsson.
17.00-Get-together at Björnö
18.00Buffet dinner at Björnö
20.00Bus transfer from Björnö

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