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MRTC research projects

Project status:

CONTESSE - Contract-Based Components for Embedded Softwareactive
EUROWEB - European Resaerch and Education Collaboration with Westent Balkanactive
FIRST - Flexible Integrating Scheduling Technology - EU IST Projectfinished
FLEXI - Flexible Global Product Development and Integrationfinished
Hi5 - A Holistic and Improved Infrastructure for Increased Industrial Impact of researchfinished
IDEAS - Innovation and Design for Euro-Asian Scholarsactive
ISE - Industrial Software Engineeringfinished
ITS-EASY Post Graduate School for Embedded Software and Systemsactive
OPEN-SME Open-Source Software Reuse Service for SMEsfinished
PG-Dep-ET – Enabling Technologies for Evaluating/Ensuring Dependabilityfinished
PG-Dep-FRAMES – Faults and Reliability Aware Methodologies for Efficient Schedulingfinished
PG-Dep-PEARLS – Parameterized Evaluation of Attributes of Reliable Systemsfinished
PG-DEP-REMAP - Reliability Modeling and Analysis for Predictability Assurancefinished
SafeCer - Safety Certification of Software-Intensive Systems with Reusable Componentsactive
SALSART - Predictably Flexible and Reliable Real-Time Systemsfinished
SoftIn - Introducing methods and tools for software development in small and medium-sized enterprisesfinished
SWELL - Swedish V&V Excellencefinished
TIMERS - Timing analysis, modeling and evaluation of RTSfinished
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