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SAVEComp - a Dependable Component Technology for Embedded Systems Software

Authors: Mikael Åkerholm (former), Anders Möller, Hans Hansson, Mikael Nolin
Source: MRTC report ISSN 1404-3041 ISRN MDH-MRTC-165/2004-1-SE, Mälardalen Real-Time Research Centre, Mälardalen University


Component-Based Software Engineering is a technique that has proven effective to in-crease reusability and efficiency in development of office and web applications. Though be-ing promising also for development of embedded and dependable systems, the true potential in this domain has not yet been realized. In this paper we present a prototype component technology, developed with safety-critical automotive applications in mind. The technology is illustrated by a case-study, which is also used as the basis for an evaluation and a discussion of the appropriateness and appli-cability in the considered domain. Our study provides initial positive evidence of the suitabil-ity of our technology, but also shows that it needs to be extended to be fully applicable in an industrial context.

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