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Usability Supporting Architecture Pattern for Industry

Authors: Pia Stoll (former), Fredrik Alfredsson (ABB Corporate Research), Sara Lövemark (ABB Robotics)
Source: NordiCHI 2008 :: Using Bridges, ACM digital library, Lund, Sweden, 20-22 October 2008


Traditionally software qualities as e.g. performance have been considered important to implement early in the software system architecture. The usability quality implementation has been done late or, if considered early in the software architecture, then often as a separation between presentation and execution layers. However there are usability concerns requiring early implementation in the software architecture not solved merely by separation. Usability supporting architecture patterns (USAPs) have been shown to provide developers with useful guidance for producing an architectural design that supports usability for these concerns, [1]. This experience report introduces the USAPs in an industrial context.

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