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The Role of Schedulers in Model-Driven Development of Real-Time Systems

Authors: Mehrdad Saadatmand, Mikael Sjödin, Naveed Ul Mustafa (Master Student at KTH)
Source: MRTC report ISSN 1404-3041 ISRN MDH-MRTC-264/2012-1-SE, Mälardalen Real-Time Research Centre, Mälardalen University


Design of real-time embedded systems is a complex and challenging task. Model-driven development has the potential to reduce the design complexity of real-time embedded systems by increasing the abstraction level, enabling analysis at earlier phases of development, and automatic generation of code from the models. In this context, capabilities of schedulers as part of the underlying platform play an important role. They can affect the complexity of code generators and how the model is implemented on the platform. Also, the way a scheduler monitors timing behaviors of tasks and schedules them can facilitate extraction of runtime information. This information can then be used as feedback to the original model in order to identify parts of the model that may require to be re-designed and modified. In this paper, we describe our work in providing these features by introducing a second layer scheduler on top of OSE real-time operating system's scheduler. The approach can also contribute to the predictability of systems by bringing more awareness to the scheduler about the type of real-time tasks (i.e., periodic, sporadic, and aperiodic) that are to be scheduled, and the information that should be monitored and logged for each type.

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