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A number of rooms have been pre-reserved at Comfort Hotel Etage, in walking distance of the workshop site. These rooms are available at a reduced rate to conference participants. Please book your room before July 25th, mention the reservation code WFCS2002, and ask for the reduced rate when making your room reservation. Note that the hotel holds this special rate and pre-reservation only until July 25th. Even Aros Metro Hotel has a special rate for the workshop participants (thougt no rooms are pre-reserved)

Comfort Hotel Etage

Comfort Hotel Etage, Västerås
Stora Gatan 32 SE-722 12 VÄSTERÅS SWEDEN
Tel.: +46 (0)21-15 12 20
Fax: +46 (0)21-15 12 21

Single room: 895 SEK (evening buffet included)
Reservation code: WFCS2002
Valid until: July 25th

A new fresh hotel furnished in a cosy, modern style, situated in the middle of Västerås pulsating shopping area. The hotel offers 93 rooms, two conference rooms and leisure facilities for relaxation. Västerås, by lake Mälaren, is known for its numerous cycling paths, the annual riding competitions at Strömsholm and its cultural activities.

Aros Metro Hotel

Tel: +46 (0)21 18 03 30
Fax: +46 (0)21 18 03 37
Vasagatan 22
S-722 15 Västerås

Single room: 460 SEK
Double room: 560 SEK
Reserv. code: WFCS2002

A small very personal business hotel. An economical alternative in Västerås City center. Free parking. Breakfast buffet, telephone, cable-TV, refrigerator and hairdryer.


Here are some alternative accomodations in the same area. Note that the speciall rate will be given only at the Comfort Hotel Etage and the Aros Metro Hotel. Please contact the alternative hotels directly for the availability and current rates.

Elite Stadshotellet

Tel: +46 21 - 10 28 00
Fax: +46 21 - 10 28 10
Stora torget
Box 19
721 03 Västerås
e-mail: info@vasteras.elite.se
URL: http://www.elite.se/eng/hotell/vasteras/stadshotellet

Stadshotellet has 137 well-equipped and comfortable rooms in classical surroundings. The hotel was built in 1907 and ever since its opening has had a reputation as being one of Sweden's most beautiful hotel buildings as well as a central meeting place in Västerås. The hotel has a traditional atmosphere in combination with modern technology and comfort that reflects quality and ambience


Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel

Tel: (+46) 21 101010
Fax: (+46) 21 101091
e-mail: reservations@vasterasplaza.se
URL: http://www.hotelclub.net/content/aff_directhotel.asp?id=1721

Modern full-service hotel in the heart of Västerås and facing lake Mälaren. Large rooms, conferencefacilities, bar, restaurant, relaxation, sauna and SPA. Hotel is built alongside the cities largest shopping mall with many shops & restaurants.



Västerås is located about 100 km west from Stockholm. The nearest international airport is Arlanda which also is the port to Stockholm. The local airport is used for domestic traffic, but does also have a connection to Copenhagen. So the most convenient way to travel would be to take the flight from Copenhagen to Västerås. Transportation from Arlanda to Västeras takes approx. 1 hour by bus/taxi. An alternative way of transportation is to take a bus to Stockholm and then train or bus from Stockholms Central to Västerås.

How to find us

The Mälardalens Real-time Research Centre at the Department of Computer Engineering, Vargens Vret, is 2 minutes walk from the main campus in Västerås. It is 4 minutes walk from down town Västerås and 11 minutes walk from the train station (busses are leaving frequently between station and university).
The train from/to Stockholm leaves every hour and takes one hour. For a time table from your location, see SJ.

See map A or map B (close to Norra Ringvägen and Svartån) for the path description between down town Västerås and Departmnent of Computer Science.

For more information about Västerås se official information in English or Swedish.

map over Malardalen

Contact us at:

    Mälardalen University, IDt
    PO Box 883
    SE-721 23  Västerås
    Tel: +46 21 10 14 53
    Fax: +46 21 10 14 60
Visiting address: Vargens Vret, S:ta Ursulas Väg 2A, 2nd floor

About MRTC

Mälardalen Real-Time research Centre (MRTC) was initiated by a grant from the Swedish KK-foundation (Stiftelsen för Kunskap och Kompetens-utveckling) to further develop the real-time research at Mälardalen University (MdH) in close co-operation with Swedish industry.

As a result, a group of leading industries has joined the MRTC-effort by supporting industrial graduate students and participating in research projects. Strong support from MdH, the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF, via the programme ARTES) and the Swedish National Board for Industrial and Technical Development (NUTEK) has enabled a fast build up of a focused research programme with a healthy balance between applied and fundamental research.

MRTC organises all research and graduate education at the department of Computer Engineering, at Mälardalen University (MdH) in Västerås, Sweden. The research covers a wide spectrum - from pure computer science to applied electronics - but with an emphasis on computer engineering and dominating focus on real-time systems.

MRTC employs about 40 researchers and graduate students and is organised in the three laboratories:

  • The Computer Science Laboratory (CSL), which has two areas of focussed interest: industrial software engineering and programming languages.
  • The Real-Time Systems Design Laboratory (SDL), with a focus on methods for constructing safety-critical real-time systems,
  • The Computer Architecture Laboratory (CAL), with a focus on Scaleable Multiprocessor Architecture for Real-time Applications and methods and tools for hardware design.

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