About Me

I am a Associate Professor at Malardalen University in Vasteras (Sweden), at the Innovation, Design and Eengineering Department. I am part of the Mälardalen Research and Technology Centre (MRTC). My interests include MDE, model versioning, metamodeling, model weaving, generative techniques in Web engineering and methodologies for Web development. I have got my Ph.D in Computer Science in 2008 at the Computer Science Department of the University of L'Aquila with the thesis entiltled "Difference Representation and Conflict Management in Model-Driven Engineering".

Currently, I am investigating several issues related to model versioning, as model repositories, model co-evolution and synchronization. Moreover, I am working on the application of MDE techniques to the component-based development field, with respect to system modelling, generation of code, and Verification&Validation activities.

Usually, I am used to spend my spear time running, bicycling and trekking during the summer, and cross country skiing and ski mountaineering during the winter. Further, I love to listen to the music.